Reinforcing the value of life.

Reaffirming the pursuit of happiness.

"Healing the Culture" Video Series

with Robert Spitzer, S.J., Ph.D.


3 Tapes, 8.5 hours

Fr. Robert Spitzer discusses his deep convictions about the purpose of life, the common good, and the means of achieving a healthy future for our society. Engaging the studio audience in "how-to" steps for spreading an unashamedly pro-life, anti-euthanasia, and determinedly optimistic message, he discusses the meaning of life and human freedoms.

Content of the Video Series

EPISODE 1 & 2: "What Happened to the Culture since Roe vs. Wade?"
Father Spitzer talks about how the right to life is absolutely necessary for the rights to liberty and the pursuit of happiness. By attacking the right to life, the rights to freedom and the pursuit of happiness were also jeopardized. He gives a lecture on how Roe vs Wade is a direct attack on Personhood and Agape, and concludes that every being of human origin is deserving of protection under the law.

EPISODE 3 & 4: Happiness
Father Spitzer talks about what true happiness is, and how this idea is key to healing the culture. He shares a trick that makes people see how you cannot truly be happy with Instant Gratification and Personal Acheivement, but only through good beyond self and Ultimate Good (which is God).

EPISODE 5: Agape (Love)
Father Spitzer talks about the four loves and how we can make Love level 4 (Agape) come alive.

EPISODE 6 & 7: Suffering
Father Spitzer talks about how moments of suffering can be the most poignant and meaningful moments of our lives. He describes how suffering leads people to move beyond themselves.

EPISODE 8 & 9: Freedom and Ethics
Father Spitzer proves that how we view happiness affects how we view freedom and ethics. He shows how you must have inviolable principles to strive for virtue, but in order to strive for virtue your end must be Love.

EPISODE 10 & 11: Personhood
Father Spitzer talks about what it is that gives a person intrinsic rights and intrinsic dignity, and how we must assume that it is present in ALL stages of human life. He defines the nature of personhood, and shows how all persons admit to transcendental dignity.

EPISODE 12 & 13: Rights and the Common Good
Father Spitzer shows how a right is an obligation due to a person because of their intrinsic dignity, and those right are inalienable. He talks about how common good and rights cannot be separated or else it leads to the tyranny of the majority.

EPISODE 14: The Effects of Abortion on our Culture
Father Spitzer describes the Cycle of Cultural decline that is caused by making abortion legal.

EPISODE 15 & 16: Euthanasia
Father Spitzer talks about the three reasons the culture is advocating euthanasia and explores how it is discriminatory against the sick, because one person's option becomes another person's duty. He continues talking about euthanasia, this time showing how our moments of suffering can be the most poignant moments of our lives, and how when we are weak we can recognize that our intrinsic dignity lies in our ability to love and be in relationship with God.

EPISODE 17 & 18: Questions and Answers
Father Spitzer allows his studio audience to ask questions and helps them to apply what they learned from the last 16 episodes to concrete situations.

About the Presenter

An accomplished author and an educator for over 20 years, Robert J. Spitzer, S.J., Ph.D. is the President of Gonzaga University, Founder of the Center for Life Principles, and Founder and Director of the Institute of Professional Ethics. Fr. Spitzer is a widely recognized philosopher and speaker in business, church, academic, and community organizations throughout the United States and around the world.

He has a long-standing commitment to the pro-life movement. At Georgetown University, he founded University Faculty for Life. He has been a board member of Human Life of Washington since 1990. He founded the Center for Life Principles in 1993, and established its curriculum in the book, Healing the Culture: A Commonsense Philosophy of Happiness, Freedom, and the Life Issues (San Francisco: Ignatius Press, 2000).

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