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Natalie Hudson

Natalie is the Executive Director of Right to Life Association of Toronto and Area. Originally from South Africa, she spent much of her youth as a ballerina dancing in San Francisco and in Winnipeg with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet. She left dance to study the Great Books at Thomas Aquinas College, a Liberal Arts college in Southern California graduating in 1995. After teaching high school for four years, she completed a graduate business program at Capilano College in Vancouver. She has always had a passion for the pro-life movement and has been speaking on Life Issues for the last three years, addressing people of all ages.

Natalie has spoken to thousands of young people and offers a unique message about the meaning of personhood and human happiness. She is well versed in issues relating to abortion, euthanasia, embryonic stem cell research and human reproductive technologies. Natalie has also adapted the work of Fr. Robert Spitzer of the Center for Life Principles into a dynamic and philosophically nuanced approach that is transforming the way people, particularly youth, understand these issues.


Bob Laird

Bob is the Director of the Office for Family Life for the Arlington Diocese. A graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, where he later server on the faculty, Bob, retired from the Army in 1992, after serving 22 years. Bob, along with his wife Gerri speak and write on a wide range of topics to include respect life, marriage and family, parenting, and the moral issues of the Church, as pertinent to marriage and family. Bob and his wife have been instructors of Natural Family Planning since 1984.

Bob is trained to speak on Life Principles and his duties as the Director of the Office for Family Life keeps him well acquainted with the life issues. Bob is most prominently seen accompanying Bishop Loverde to each of the abortion facilities that he visits each month. Through his office, Bob coordinates all legislative initiatives supporting the Culture of Life, the post-abortion healing program, Project Rachel, and the parish-based program to help women in a difficult pregnancy, Gabriel Project Arlington.


Robert Gotcher, Ph.D.

Robert is Associate Professor of Systematic Studies at Sacred Heart School of Theology, a seminary for second career vocations in Hales Corners, Wisconsin. He is married with seven children. He is an active member of the Secular Franciscan Order (formerly Third Order Secular). He is a fellow of the Pastoral Solutions Institute and contributor to the Heart, Mind and Strength Weblog, where he frequently refers to the Life Principles and Fr. Spitzer.

Among his expertises is in Catholic moral and social ethics, including the relationship between Catholic Social Teachings and life issues. He specializes in the documents of the Second Vatican Council, especially Gaudium et Spes, the Pastoral Constitution on the Church and the Modern World and has applied its teaching to the pro-life position. He has worked with the Center for Life Principles for nine years and has taught Life Principles to seminarians, as well as incorporating much of the material into his scholarly and popular speaking and writing on a variety of subjects, including human sexuality, lay spirituality, family life, education, and parenting. Robert is an ideal speaker for university and scholarly audiences.


Dirk Bartram

Dirk grew up in Richland, Washington, during the heyday years of the Hanford Nuclear Reservation. He first came to Seattle to attend Seattle University, where he met his future wife, Linn, in the Army ROTC program. After graduating from Seattle University, Dirk was commissioned into the Regular Army as an officer. He was head of a missile maintenance operation in Neu Ulm, Germany, and later served as Deputy Director of the Missile Division at Letterkenny Army Depot in Chambersburg, PA.

Dirk obtained his JD and MBA from the University of Washington. He is an attorney at Henke Bartram PLLC. Dirk has advised closely-held businesses since 1986. His practice includes corporate, commercial, trademark, and copyright law.

Dirk is a trained to speak on Life Principles. He has spoken on Life Principles at several local churches and for a community college. Dirk entitles his talk, "The Philosophy of Life," and covers personhood, happiness, freedom, and rights.

Fred Weiss

Fred’s interest in the right to life movement peaked in 1973—just after he and his wife, Martha, were married—when a friend challenged his understanding of fetal development and abortion. He made it his goal to help others understand the right to life. He has spoken for Catholic and Protestant churches and high school classes on Life Principles.

Fred is a 1963 graduate of the University of Florida with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He managed Coldwell Banker Commercial Real Estate in downtown Seattle for 15 years before forming his own investment company to purchase and refurbish old office buildings.

Martha and Fred have five children. They are active parishioners at St. Monica’s Parish on Mercer Island, Washington.
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